High-performance dispersion tools for lab use.

We sell IKA’s dispersion tools for dispersion and homogenization in the laboratory.

IKA’s Ultra Turrax models are symbolizing exactly what first-class spreading devices should be. Regardless of whether they are used for homogenization, emulsification or shut-off – IKA’s spreaders always provide the best conditions for the best possible results.

Dispersing tool spreader IKA

The digital screen allows you to keep track of the speed range up to 24,000 rpm, of course with a calm and nice start. Due to their wide range of spreading tools, IKA’s homogenizers are very efficient for different applications. Common Useful Uses for Spreaders include:

  • homogenization of sewage samples
  • dispersion data under vacuum pressure
  • PCR analysis

IKA diffusers have no limits when it comes to professional particle reduction. Read about the different models in the data sheets in the column on the left side of the page.

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