AT50 – hardness tester

Efficient tablet hardness tester.

AT50 hardness tester– One for all your tablets. In the lab – or online with your press.

The AT50 easily handles all your tablets. Designed for the demanding environments of pharmaceutical manufacturing and dusty compression rooms, the benchtop version excels with very short cycle times in your lab. Quickly test batches arriving from production or automate experimental testing in R&D. Innovative tablet alignment paired with robust Dr. Schleuniger® technology makes the AT50 an ideal instrument for both laboratory automation and online testing with your tablet press. Ensure comparability of results throughout IPC, QC and R&D.

  • 5 PARAMETERS – Fast and reliable testing of weight, thickness, width, length / diameter and hardness
  • BENCHTOP – Multi-batch testing of different products and shapes on your standard lab bench
  • TABLET ALIGNMENT – Reliable aligns oblongs, diamond- and almond-shaped tablets, convex oval shapes, hexagons, triangular shapes, and more
  • ONLINE – Connect with your tablet press for unattended online testing and automatic self-adjustment of compression parameters
  • PRECISION – Robust high-end components ensure maximum accuracy and repeatable operation
  • CLEANING – Very easy cleaning of the tester’s highly accessible IP52 protected test area
  • DATA INTEGRITY – Manage all your data in full compliance with 21 CFR part 11 requirements

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