Bröderna Berner AB acquires ClaraLab AB

Bröderna Berner AB acquires ClaraLab AB strengthening Berner’s position further on the Nordic laboratory market  

Bröderna Berner AB has acquired the Swedish laboratory equipment distributor ClaraLab AB operating also in Norway and Denmark. The parties signed the sale and purchase agreement on 16th March 2022.

Bröderna Berner AB is a subsidiary of the Finnish family-owned company Berner Ltd. Through the acquisition of ClaraLab AB with its daughter companies LAB Sweden AB, LAB Norway AS and LAB Denmark Aps, Berner further strengthens its position as a Nordic laboratory distributor with a wide product range and an excellent professional expertise.

“The acquisition of ClaraLab AB plays an important role in our Nordic growth strategy of our laboratory business. Together with ClaraLab’s high-quality product range and strong professional know-how, we will be able to provide an even more attractive partnership to our customers, supporting them in developing their laboratory operations further”, says Antti Korpiniemi, CEO of Berner Ltd.   

ClaraLab’s laboratory products complement Berner’s current laboratory product range serving food and chemical industries, environmental and control laboratories, academia and research institutes.

ClaraLab is Scandinavian with operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. They focus on specific areas like research & development, production, routine analysis and quality control. They have products for analytical chemistry, automation, biology/life science as well as basic equipment and consumables.  The company employs 25 persons.

Similar values and company culture played an important role in selling the ClaraLab business to Bröderna Berner.

“Berner’s deep understanding of the laboratory business and the Nordic markets was also a decisive factor for the sales. Berner has a long-term strategy for employee well-being and supplier and customer management and development. We look forward to a prosperous future co-operation,” Claes Karlsson, the CEO of ClaraLab and LAB Denmark, and Annika Garnås, the CEO of LAB Sweden and Lab Norway, say.

Berner’s laboratory business has been operating in Finland and Estonia for decades and has established businesses during the past two years also in Sweden and Norway. In addition to high quality instruments, Berner’s laboratory business unit also provides technical service solutions, application support and training.

ClaraLab AB continues as an independent subsidiary of Bröderna Berner AB.

Additional information:
Antti Korpiniemi                                                                                
CEO, Berner Ltd                                                                                 
Tel: + 358 50 551 3720                                                                     

Anna Älverstad
Regional Manager Scandinavia
Berner Medical & Berner Lab, Bröderna Berner AB
Tel: +46 76 831 94 11

Bröderna Berner AB, with is divisions Berner Lab, Berner Medical, Berner Industries and Gullviks, is a subsidiary of the Finnish family-owned business Berner Ltd. with four business areas and established in 1883. The current product offering of Berner Lab in Sweden includes high quality instruments primarily for the petrochemical industry. The Finnish Lab division provides a full range solution for the laboratory field. The annual turnover of the Berner Group amounted in 2020 to meur 323,4, and it employed approximately 500 persons in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Baltics.,,

ClaraLab AB is a dynamic Scandinavian company group founded in 2007. The company successfully provides high quality products and instrument for laboratory needs, through its daughter companies LAB Sweden AB, LAB Norway AS and LAB Denmark Aps. The company employs 25 persons in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.