UVP UV, White & Blue Light Transilluminators

UVP UV, White & Blue Light Transilluminators

Uniform UV transilluminators for gel documentation.

The UV transilluminators feature a uniform and bright illumination. The exclusive application of high-grade filter glass provides for excellent documentation results with lowest background signal. The great illumination uniformity allows the reliable quantification of electrophoretically separated fluorescent samples.

The UVP Transilluminators are equipped with an ultraviolet blocking cover to shield the user from UV radiation. The base is painted with high-quality, scratch-resistant powder coat. Models include a stainless-steel top assembly or powder coat paint.

  • Filter sizes from 15 cm x 15 cm up to 25 cm x 26 cm or 20 cm x 40 cm
  • Exceeding uniform illumination
  • High-grade filter glass for low background
  • Wide choice of standard and high-performance models

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