CyBio FeliX

CyBio FeliX

Flexible, efficient liquid handling platform.

The CyBio FeliX is a unique liquid handling platform designed to focus on your needs today and engineered for your changing requirements tomorrow. Utilizing the most innovative automated liquid handler available today, feel empowered and be able to transform your research to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Free yourself from repetetive manual pipetting
  • Save valuable lab space
  • Save money with reliability, robustness and precision
  • Save valuable time
  • Save on upfront investment – automate today, scale up tomorrow

CyBio FeliX – Designed for Your Lab

Is time of the essence? Is your laboratory space limited? Would you like to save on costs? Then we have the pipetting platform for you. Optimize your work processes with CyBio FeliX, a liquid handling system adaptable to your requirements.

  • Time-saving – the fully automatic system allows you to concentrate on future application developments
  • Space-saving – compact design for every laboratory
  • Cost-saving – through its modular design , CyBio FeliX can be expanded to meet your needs

CyBio FeliX – Take Your Manual Workflow to the Next Level and Automate

Automating your manual assay can be a daunting task but it doesn‘t have to be. Our supplier Analytik Jena understand how frustrating this process can be and value the impact that high quality and simple to use devices can have on improving research and productivity. For this reason they have developed the CyBio FeliX.

CyBio FeliX is a liquid handling platform with 1–384 channels in a volume range of 1 µl up to 1000 µl. The CyBio FeliX meets the market demand for advanced, medium-to high-throughput robotics within the liquid handling community. The high-precision parallel transfer in 96 or 384 well format is complemented by pipetting in single wells, as well as pipetting into columns and rows. CyBio FeliX offers maximum flexibility with minimal space requirements through a unique deck design with twelve positions on two levels. Despite its compact design, CyBio FeliX provides sufficient space for microplates, tubes, shaker, magnet adapter and gripper. The modular concept of CyBio FeliX enables customized configurations for a wide variety of applications and can be adapted at any time to suit changing requirements.

Use your lab space smartly and efficient

Extend your experimental possibilities by numerous applications: plate replication, serial dilution, sample preparation for PCR and real-time-PCR, Next Generation Sequencing and ELISA. The modular CyBio FeliX concept enables customized configurations for a wide variety of applications and can be adapted at any time to changing requirements. A powerful graphical scripting environment allows access to every detail of CyBio FeliX’s stunning functionality.

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